Call for papers: Mathematics in Kant’s Critical Philosophy

deadline: February 15, 2014

Canadian Journal of Philosophy: Supplemental Volume on Mathematics in Kant’s Critical Philosophy

There is a long tradition of work in the history and philosophy of science on Kant’s philosophy of mathematics, but more recently, philosophers have been considering the implications of this work for the Critical philosophy itself. In particular, scholars have begun to examine the role of Kant’s reflections on mathematics in his philosophy more generally, and in its development.  For example, in the Critique of Pure Reason, Kant outlines the method of philosophy by contrasting it with the method of mathematics; in the Critique of Practical Reason, Kant compares the Formula of Universal Law to a mathematical postulate; in the Critique of Judgement, Kant distinguishes the mathematical sublime from the dynamical sublime. This last distinction rests on the distinction that shapes the Transcendental Analytic, that between the mathematical and the dynamical categories. It is clear that Kant's transcendental philosophy is strongly influenced by the importance and special status of mathematics.

This volume, to be co-edited by Lisa Shabel and Emily Carson, will collect together papers which illustrate the centrality of mathematics to Kant’s philosophy as a whole. To understand this fully also requires a proper appreciation of Kant’s understanding of 18th century mathematics, so we welcome papers on this topic which shed light on our more general theme.

Submissions should not exceed 15,000 words, should be prepared for blind refereeing, and should include a brief abstract. Please send submissions by February 15, 2014 to: