16 Maggio 2017

This conference encourages debate between historical and contemporary accounts of Kantian themes in ethics law and politics. Immanuel Kant envisaged a cosmopolitan federation of independent republics as the only way to secure peace. The means to achieving this end are the rule of law, both domestically in the  form of republicanism and internationally in the form of cosmopolitanism.

5 Febbraio 2017

The online academic journal Estudos Kantianos (Kantian Studies), hosted by São Paulo State University's Philosophy Department, welcomes contributions for a special issue on "Kant and Natural History", scheduled for January 2018. The thematic scope provides an occasion to explore Kant's own philosophical ideas and questions concerning the study of organisms and life, as well as the relations between his thoughts and those

24 Gennaio 2017

The editorial board of the 2017 issue of Perspectives: International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy seek submissions of high-quality original papers from a variety of philosophical approaches to the questions of the relevance and relation of Kant’s thought to contemporary forms of realism.

24 Gennaio 2017

The journal Con-Textos Kantianos – International Journal of philosophy is preparing a special issue on the relation between Kant’s philosophy and current discussions in philosophy of mind and epistemology. The editors invite submissions from Kant scholars and other philosophers on the following themes: self-consciousness and self-knowledge, judgement and perception, perception and givenness,

6 Gennaio 2017

Nei giorni 12-13 gennaio 2017 avrà luogo a Pisa un incontro sulla filosofia di Massimo Barale, promosso dalla associazione Zetesis, con il patrocinio della Società Italiana di Studi Kantiani e della SIFIT. [programma] [locandina]

7 Agosto 2016

E' apparso il primo numero della Revista de Studios Kantianos. Publicación internacional de la SEKLE (Sociedad de Estudios Kantianos en Lengua Española), diretta da Pedro Jesús Teruel e Hernán Pringe


20 Giugno 2016

The Immanuel-Kant-Forum at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), in collaboration with “Kant-Gesellschaft”, “Aufklärung – Religion – Wissen” (MLU), “Interdisciplinary Center for the European Enlightenment” (MLU) and “Kant- Forschungsstelle at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz”, invites submission for the VIIth Kant Multilateral Colloquium to take place at Halle/Saale (Germany) on April 28-30, 2017. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2016

24 Aprile 2016

A Parma nei giorni 6-7 maggio 2016 avrà luogo il Convegno e l'Assemblea dei Soci